The day after the new book comes out…

You start to haunt your google ego-search and Goodreads, hoping to hear nice things and cringing against the thought of bad things…

(this stage, for me, lasts about two-three days. But it’s a painful few days…)

Fortunately, the first review I saw of DOGHOUSE was here

“The witty banter between characters Tonica and Ginny and the interaction between Penny and Georgie keep the reader engaged as they proceed to solve the case of the evicted boxer. Kornetsky spotlights the cruelty of animal abuse and those that profit from it in this thought-provoking mystery.  Love it!” (4 stars)

*melts in puddle of relief*

(there will eventually be less-happy reviews, because there always are – you can’t write the book EVERYONE wants.  But every happy reader or reviewer rebuilds the confidence that waiting burns out of you…So, yanno…if you read it and liked it, dropping a line on Goodreads or Amazon would be a lovely gift in return.  For me, and for every writer you like.)

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