Shall We Play A Game?

Well, since the pirates are already making the rounds with L. A. Kornetsky’s CLAWED before it’s even officially on sale, let’s beat them at their own game, shall we?

Comment here with what YOU think should be done to people who make it harder for writers to make money off their work, and the most creative – and purely theoretical, we hasten to add – response will earn themselves a paperback copy of CLAWED, ten days before it hits the shelves!

if you’d rather buy a copy for yourself or a loved one, that is also a lovely thing…

(this offer open until May 16th at 6pm Saturday night, Pacific time, so everyone has a chance to see it)

2 thoughts on “Shall We Play A Game?”

  1. James Marshall

    I think their computers and phones should be locked to Rickroll any book or video they try to view for a year AND have to pay Rick Astley every time his video comes up.

  2. The appropriate punishment for pirates is some free content. Well, it’s sort of free, because it was broadcast on PBS in the 90s, when I had small children in the house (and they each developed the critical acumen to reject it by age 5).

    For each pirated work, 12 hours nonstop of Barney, strapped into the same chair as Alex DeLarge was in A Clockwork Orange.

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