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midweek check-in is all linked-up

CatofSize isn’t sure if he’s having a bad morning or is just in a Grumpy Old Man stage. Sometimes it’s hard to tell the difference…  And I probably should stop referring to having to shoot the cat. New people (and some older ones) keep reading it all wrong. ;-) But hey, being up at 6am […]

Play “washed-up has-been or bright young thing”?

I find this slightly worrying and at the same time deeply reassuring.   (hint: James Patterson and John Irving both had their break-out novel at my age, and Janet Evanovich was older. None of them were on their first (or second) book.)   Explore the careers of some of the world’s most successful authors. Click image […]

Why I’m me, and not someone else…

Fascinating, and rather depressing conversation happening on Twitter right now about the Great Mostly White Male “most anticipated fantasy books of 2015″ lists dropping now. (the females seen on these lists? Robin Hobb and Kameron Hurley. Both potentially gender-neutral names, and Kameron says she specifically requested that they not put an author photo on the […]

Live in the EU? Like e-reading?

A reminder for everyone in the EU – if you’ve been thinking about buying an ebook that’s already out, you might want to do it NOW, before the new VAT regulations force the prices to go up. Because prices WILL go up (we’ve already gotten emails confirming this from Amazon, et al that they’re passing […]

S&S expands their ebook library program….

Libraries across the United States can now access the entire catalog of ebooks published by Simon & Schuster. The announcement concludes a pilot program the publisher had conducted with twenty library systems. Libraries can now purchase one-year licenses to lend individual ebooks to patrons. As with physical books, only one patron can borrow a title at a time, […]

A date of note (for me, at least)

June 14th, 1989. It was a Wednesday.  I believe that it was a sunny day, but not too warm.  I was probably sweating anyway.  I got on the train to come into NYC from NJ, walked over from the PATH station on 34th street to 200 Madison Avenue, on the corner of 35th street, and […]

That was the week that was(n’t)

I have spent the past few days locked in the windowless Inner Circle of Hell that is the Javits Center, helping man the SFWA booth for Book Expo America. And yes the reading horde (comprising of bloggers, librarians, publishers, various and sundry publishing-related folk, and General Readers) were unleashed upon us, and lo we did […]

“I am terrified, but I’m not afraid” (a writing year in review)

This is a story about a story.  But it’s more than that. Somewhere in early 2012, I’d started working on a story, set in the same universe as my short stories “Crossroads” and “The Devil’s Jack” (forthcoming in DEAD MAN’S HAND).  But about three thousand words in, I realized that there was more here than […]

Ch-ch-ch-changes…. (but not much changes at all)

and lo, the news is finally official – Joe Monti makes the move from agenting to editing. Simon & Schuster is preparing to up its presence in the science fiction, fantasy and horror market with the launch of a new imprint dedicated to the category. The as yet unnamed imprint will be overseen by Jon […]

There and Back Again, or the Baltimore Book Festival

This weekend past was the Baltimore Book Festival, where SFWA had their usual pavilion (okay, a large tent), with a bookstore, author signings, and SRO panels.  Seriously, we were packed all day every day, and thanks to everyone who came out and added to really good discussions! (and thanks to the weather, which was perfect) I […]