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CatofSize isn’t sure if he’s having a bad morning or is just in a Grumpy Old Man stage. Sometimes it’s hard to tell the difference…  And I probably should stop referring to having to shoot the cat. New people (and some older ones) keep reading it all wrong. ;-)

But hey, being up at 6am and thinking “I need to write” and being able to sit down and write… we’re doing okay here, for a Wednesday.

Oh, and I’m in the barrel for WWW Wednesday, over at Book View Cafe.

An interesting take on the difference between reddit and tumblr fandom that’s both gender-directed and possibly explains a lot about our wider culture…

Meanwhile, out there in the world, our own Elizabeth Bear’s dad, Stephen Wishnevsky of Wishbass, had his workshop destroyed by fire. There’s a gofundme set up to help him rebuild. If you’re a musician, specifically, you might want to take a look, not only to help out but to maybe pick up a new toy once he’s rebuilt…

And Mette Ivie Harrison, on How Writers get Paid, if you ever wondered, or thought you knew…

Oh, and because that remids me I need to remember to self-prmote every now and again, a reminder that you can pre-order the 4th Gin & Tonic mystery now at the following lovely locations:

B&N  Kobo  Seattle Mystery Bookstore Mysterious Galaxy Indigo/Chapters Amazon

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