1. Thanks for writing this! It’s still a huge issue.. And since you get credit for the whole Jaguar Addams series seeing the light of day, I can tell you that I was asked to hide my gender, because, as I was told, “men won’t read powerful women characters if they’re written by women.” My response was asking if they wouldn’t figure out that I was female once I started doing readings, but the editor said that didn’t matter. So my initials rather than my name are on the books. That was in 1998, and I’m so sorry to know that the world didn’t change with the new century, and we’re still fighting the same old same old fights. Sigh.

  2. I don’t get this … some of the greatest epic fantasy that I have read are written by females. Anne McCaffrey, Ursula K. Le Guin, Melanie Rawn – just to name a few. To think that “male” penned epic fantasy is light on the romance … uhm … hello – Sword of Truth series … that’s just a damn long (and somewhat tedious) soap opera.

  3. I was told flat-out some years back that Hallmark wouldn’t buy the Merlin: The Old Magic tie-in project from a woman. So I got a literary sex-change. The difference? More money, more reviews, and a slot on the NYTBR Extended list. Everything you say, LAG, is true.

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