BVC Boxing Week Sale!

Got a new ereader? Got an old ereader? Time to load that sucker up… And my epic fantasy novella (with sea serpents! And wine!) “From Whence You Came” is 50% off! “A thoughtful examination of the consequences of magic; stands alone and away from its progenitor series well. Getting to see a legendary hero as […]

Live in the EU? Like e-reading?

A reminder for everyone in the EU – if you’ve been thinking about buying an ebook that’s already out, you might want to do it NOW, before the new VAT regulations force the prices to go up. Because prices WILL go up (we’ve already gotten emails confirming this from Amazon, et al that they’re passing […]

Digital marketplace expansions…

Email from Nook Press this morning about their (finally!) expansion into other countries. which means that, for those of you who avoided Amazon, and didn’t have access for whatever reason to Kobo, you will soon be able to lay digital hands on the Sylvan Investigation novellas MILES TO GO, PROMISES TO KEEP, and the story […]

Own an e-reader? Want to NOT support either Amazon or B&N?

From December 24th to January 5th, Kobo is running a Serious Sale (up to 80% off!) with the coupon code 50COUPON. You MUST enter that code, or you’ll be charged full price! I have, of course, given you a link that starts with my own MILES TO GO. Because the very best present to give is one […]

Bringing you an important Sylvan Investigations Update….

For those of you who prefer to buy from B&N…. MILES TO GO and PROMISES TO KEEP are now available in epub from your dealer-of-choice! Miles to Go Promises to Keep     If you prefer to buy directly from Book View Cafe (no DRM)  If you’re an Amazon loyalist  If you prefer audio If […]

TRICKS OF THE TRADE ebook now available in the UK!

After a delay that was making me twitch (and no, I don’t know why there was a delay), TRICKS OF THE TRADE (Paranormal Scene Investigations #3) is available digitally in the UK! Book 4, DRAGON JUSTICE, will be available 1 June. *throws confetti* (and while you’re there, check out the short fiction of DON’T READ THIS […]

Heart of Briar is up for pre-order!

You know, if you have a desire for such a thing.   He has been taken. And you are his only chance.”  That wasn’t something Jan expected to hear-especially from strangers who’d just rescued her from some mysterious and ferocious creatures. And she really hadn’t expected her rescuers to be shape-shifters….  Now it turns out […]

And it’s Away!

The first “Sylvan Investigations” novella, that is.   This is the first of the Kickstarted novellas, following after DRAGON JUSTICE, spinning off half-faun PI Danny Hendrickson into his own series.   We sent the file off to backers last week, and I’ve…well, been a little on edge, ever since.  I got one “I loved it!” from […]

For those of you who have read the Cosa Nostradamus novels, a little tease of what’s coming later this year….


For digital-preferring readers in the UK

Many of you have asked (politely, for which I thank you) why you STILL can’t get DRAGON JUSTICE (or the other PSI novels) on Kindle in the UK. Short answer: damned if I know. Slightly longer answer: my publisher has decided not to make the ebooks available in the UK. To say that I do […]