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Never have I…

been this “oh what the hell” before a trip. We have tickets, we have a flat. We have vague plans. More than that, we have not. I may have become blase about traveling to places where I speak the local language (more or less). And I haven’t started packing yet. I pulled out both suitcases

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Capclave Bound!

Off this morning to Capclave, a little, much-beloved convention in Virginia that’s not going to be so little this year since the GoH is some guy named George R.R. Martin… Hopefully, there will be some love left over for the rest of us.  :-)   If you’re going to be there, they have me well-scheduled

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And this morning…

I have the post-book-launch, post-excitement-of-the-AMA, post-Supernatural-premiere emotional drop. Or is it a droop? For those who missed it yesterday: the new Gin & Tonic book is out! we have a new book giveaway! (both print and digital) my possibly spoilery, slightly flailing commentaries on last night’s Supernatural and Person of Interest (via Tumblr) the aftermath of

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There and Back Again, or the Baltimore Book Festival

This weekend past was the Baltimore Book Festival, where SFWA had their usual pavilion (okay, a large tent), with a bookstore, author signings, and SRO panels.  Seriously, we were packed all day every day, and thanks to everyone who came out and added to really good discussions! (and thanks to the weather, which was perfect) I

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oh hello there August…

Oh hi, August, you’re going to be insane-busy, aren’t you?  Connecticut, Seattle, Portland, San Francisco, Atlanta… And I have a birthday in there somewhere, too.   First off, disappearing for a few days for for my first Agency Retreat, leaving the felines (reluctantly) in the capable hand of their cat-sitter. So I’ll ‘see’ y’all Sunday

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