Never have I…

been this “oh what the hell” before a trip. We have tickets, we have a flat. We have vague plans.

More than that, we have not.

I may have become blase about traveling to places where I speak the local language (more or less).

And I haven’t started packing yet. I pulled out both suitcases last night, and tried to convince myself that yes I could fit a week’s worth of clothing, including dress-up for the WFC banquet, in a carry-in case. I’m probably not kidding anyone.

(kitten-of-Thursday on the larger case)

We leave tomorrow.  I probably should get a move on…

(at least the cat-and-flatsitter’s engaged and triple-checked.  I deal with the important things.)

and a reminder to London locals and folk in-transit to WFC – I’m signing at Forbidden Planet Wednesday evening.  Be there, or have a note from the coroner as to why you missed it…

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