Leaving, on a Jet Plane…

And I may have dated myself with that header.  Ah well.


After the first week of on-sale for a book generally the fuss dies down a little.  But not for me – I’m about to raise a little fuss!  I hope to see some of you along the way…

As follows, the Not-A-Tour for HEART OF BRIAR:

First, I’m off to Portland, for a signing at Powell’s Cedar Hills Crossing  on Monday August 12th, at 7pm. 

Then back up to Seattle for the SFWA Pacific Northwest Reading Series  on Tuesday August 13th.

Then down to Portland again to repeat the Pacific Northwest Reading Series for Portland on Wednesday August 14th.

(in-between I will be hitting local bookstores and wineries.  Mostly I’ll be signing credit card slips at the wineries, tho…)

And then I’m off to San Francisco, for SF in SF  on Saturday August 17th, which promises to be much terrifying fun (for me, anyway.  Hopefully just fun for y’all)

And then a signing at the Barnes & Noble in San Jose (Almaden Plaza, 5353 Almaden Expressway) Sunday August 18th, at 4PM

And then home again in time for my birthday, which I may spend in an exhausted sprawl on the sofa, before heading out again for DragonCon.

Updates as they happen.  Following me on Twitter is probably your best bet for all the inspired goofiness and updates.


In the meanwhile, my dedicated catsitters will be holding the fort…. or being sat on by cats.  One or the other. Pray for them, as they have to deal with Castiel Kitten of Thursday….

2 thoughts on “Leaving, on a Jet Plane…”

  1. Deborah Grabien

    And I’m going to miss BOTH your events, damn it. For SF in SF, you’re on opposite the Fall Risk’s CD release party in Mill Valley, and since I’ve done two cover articles for No Depression about recording the CD, I’ve had tickets from day one. And the Sunday signing I’m booked for a garden concert with my songwriting partner, Mark Karan, in Petaluma.

    Do you head home the following day? Would be nice to actually SEE you while you’re here, but if it’s not happening, it’s not happening.

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