A Pause and A Step (First Night 2020)

I don’t do round-ups or retrospectives or any other kind of year-end wrap-up, partially because I’m too lazy, but  also because First Night/New Year’s Eve isn’t, for me, a time to look back. It’s a time to pause and look around, and then step forward into the yet-unknown. But there  are things about 2019 I …

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A Brief Update

Earlier this week I had the surgical staples removed from the incision (to remove the tumor),  and replaced with (too flimsy to my eyes) surgical tape, a week ahead of schedule.  That part of things is healing “perfectly,” in the  surgeon’s evaluation.  So I’m starting to return (slooowly) to full activity. This does not, unfortunately, …

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This has been a test of LAG’s Cold Management System

This morning I…. made COFFEE!   No, seriously. I know some of you think I can’t function without coffee and normally you’d be right, but we were in dire straits here at Chateau Felidae. When I first realized, just after Thanksgiving, that I was coming down with something nasty, I dumped the caffeine.   My go-to …

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Somber Thoughts

Yesterday I went to visit a friend who has been hospitalized for more than a week with a yet-undiagnosed illness  (they’re ruled out most of the truly terrifying things, but not-knowing takes its own toll).  I was reminded, quite starkly, of my own week’s+ hospitalization nearly 20 years ago, and my recent stint in the …

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