An Unexpected Outing

Yesterday, and old friend and his family from the east coast was in town, and another former-east-coast friend and I met up them for coffee and donuts (since it is still Channukah, and fried foods are Traditional).  And that probably would have been it, except another local friend and her daughter came down with minor plague, and weren’t able to attend a concert they had tix for, so suddenly coffee and donuts turned into “as long as you’re in town already…” coffee and donuts and then a lovely dinner at Sazerac, and then off to see Straight No Chaser at the Paramount.


I’ve never seen them live, and it was as delightful as everyone claimed.  I admit to being somewhat discomfited when they slid into the overtly religious Christmas songs (“Jesus as newborn King” takes on new weight in light of recent political comments by supporters of the incoming administration, and like many of us, I don’t have much chill about being told my existence is secondary to someone else’s belief), but that wasn’t the fault of SNC and I tried to just enjoy how well they performed.


And then I realized it would be 45 minutes until the next bus home (and another 35 minutes on the bus on top of that), and I was tired, and fuck it, and I called for a Lyft, spending way too much money and not regretting it a bit.

Today I am spending catching up on the work I didn’t get done yesterday.  Because freelancers may think they’re getting time off, but they’re usually wrong….

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