Somber Thoughts

Yesterday I went to visit a friend who has been hospitalized for more than a week with a yet-undiagnosed illness  (they’re ruled out most of the truly terrifying things, but not-knowing takes its own toll).  I was reminded, quite starkly, of my own week’s+ hospitalization nearly 20 years ago, and my recent stint in the hospital with my dad, at his life-end.

There are many things you don’t think about, or don’t consider urgent to have done, until you’re stuck in a hospital bed. Life decisions that you might not be able to make, in an emergency.

Think about them now.  Get them in writing.  Get them witnessed/notarized, and then make sure that people know where this information is on file, in case you’re not able to tell them in an emergency.

Yeah, we think we don’t need any of this, not until we’re older.  Except emergencies and catastrophies don’t GAF how old you are.

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