This has been a test of LAG’s Cold Management System

This morning I…. made COFFEE!

No, seriously. I know some of you think I can’t function without coffee and normally you’d be right, but we were in dire straits here at Chateau Felidae.

When I first realized, just after Thanksgiving, that I was coming down with something nasty, I dumped the caffeine.   My go-to drink when I’m sick is a non-alcoholic hot toddy (hot water poured over fresh-squeezed citrus juice, honey, and a cinnamon stick), then slowly switching to herbal tea with honey as I feel better.   I know for a fact that this helps the healing, so I was “okay, ride it out, you can survive a few days without your fix, Gilman.”

Besides, it wasn’t like I was getting much writing done, with my head so fogged-in.

The past few days, as my sinuses sorted themselves out,  I’ve been drinking black tea (with honey), gradually bringing up the caffeine levels.
Today, I’m back to full-strength brewed coffee, and my taste buds are like “oh…we remember THIS!”
Hopefully this will conclude the testing of LAG’s Cold Management System, and we can get on with life (and deadlines!)….
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