A Brief Update

Earlier this week I had the surgical staples removed from the incision (to remove the tumor),  and replaced with (too flimsy to my eyes) surgical tape, a week ahead of schedule.  That part of things is healing “perfectly,” in the  surgeon’s evaluation.  So I’m starting to return (slooowly) to full activity.

This does not, unfortunately, mean full healing. It means that I’m being handed over to my oncology team,  and we’ll see where we go from there.  Cancer’s rarely one-and-done, and this one’s kinda ugly.

I may post more about this.  I may not.  I have always guarded my personal life closely, and am uncomfortable with changing that here and now. And yet, every fight shared is an instruction manual in survival  for someone else.  I’m aware of that, too.

So I suspect I will be writing about it (if for no other reason than because that’s what I do), but at a pace and in a style (and outlet) yet to be determined.

Meanwhile, Life goes on.  We’re getting ready to launch the reissue of the Retrievers series from Book View Cafe this month, and the Patreon continues (all the more important now that medical costs have…. god, let’s not think about that right now), and I’ve got client edits to finish, and somewhere in there my editorial notes from Joe @ Saga will arrive for the next novel.

Too much to do to stop now, right?


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