Fresh coffee, sleeping cats, and work to be done. There’s my morning sorted, then. Meanwhile, for you, I’m doing a guest stint this month at Magical Words….

In which the author has a few words…

Some of them possibly even coherent. As a prelude to the release of DEAD MAN’S HAND, John Joseph Adams interviewed several of the contributors about their stories, their influences, and why they wrote what they did…. mine’s here, if you’re interested.

For your listening pleasure…

I am interviewed by the fine folk at Skiffy and Fanty, about writing, history, and yes, flesh-eating gnomes. It’s a long-ish interview, but a pretty good one, methinks (and I rarely like any interview I do, so take that as a rave).      

Back! And Virtual!

I’m back from an utterly fabulous  DragonCon (although Atlanta tried to keep me longer, via weather and mechanical delays), and submitting myself to the Wendig Inquisition over at Terrible Minds….   I love Laura Anne Gilman not merely because she is an excellent writer but because she also delivers unto writers excellent writing advice — …

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We’ve Cooked the Books!

It’s always odd to see the transcript of a video interview…. I really AM that random. But for your amusement and eddification (and possibly your delectation): Cooking the Books, with Yrs Trly.

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