A Brief Update

Earlier this week I had the surgical staples removed from the incision (to remove the tumor),  and replaced with (too flimsy to my eyes) surgical tape, a week ahead of schedule.  That part of things is healing “perfectly,” in the  surgeon’s evaluation.  So I’m starting to return (slooowly) to full activity. This does not, unfortunately,

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Sliding into December (where the slide is more of a slow hobble)

My plan to write a side project in November, obviously, has been put on hold for the  duration  of my healing.   I thought I was okay with it until  I saw everyone showing off their NaNoWriMo diplomas (even tho I wasn’t doing NaNoWriMo).  Even knowing that I can go back to it the moment I’m

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Thanksgiving 2019

I am celebrating the holiday this year not in the historical tradition, with all the painful and problematic luggage it carries, but in the simple, literal, and  commonly-accepted meaning of the word: thanks-giving. The world’s a shitshow right now.  We all know that.  But. I am thankful to be here, where ‘here’ is among friends

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Four Days Post-Op

I am not a stranger to recovery, or enforced bed rest.  I do not like it, but I understand that fighting it is counterproductive.  If I want to heal, I have to play along. (my family is here to enforce this. Nobody wants a repeat of the mono-that-become-double-pneumonia, although in my defense I was 16

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