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Thanksgiving 2019

I am celebrating the holiday this year not in the historical tradition, with all the painful and problematic luggage it carries, but in the simple, literal, and  commonly-accepted meaning of the word: thanks-giving. The world’s a shitshow right now.  We all know that.  But. I am thankful to be here, where ‘here’ is among friends […]

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Help for your world, to help Worldbuilders!

This year for Worldbuilders’ charity auction, I am offering A Thing:…/laura-anne-gilman-will-discuss…/ I’m offering a ‘bluesky’ session for a writer who wants to throw plot-ideas or career worries against a wall and get critical-but-nonjudgmental feedback from a 20+ year survivor of the publishing industry.  This will be a 45 minute session via Skype, for pretty much

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*taps mic*

reposting this from my Tumblr account   Since there seems to be some outraged confusion among Anons and Nonnys, let me clarify. If you support the Trump/Pence/Bannon regime’s attempts to isolate, persecute, and otherwise remove basic civil and citizen’s rights from entire groups within our society, based on who they are rather than dealing with

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