The State of the Meerkat

13 days until the second-pass draft of Book 2 of THE DEVIL’S WEST is supposed to be done.

*looks at pile of notes, giggles slightly hysterically*

If not today, then certainly by Saturday I will have hit peak performance panic mode. Fair warning for anyone in my actual vicinity Slide a pizza under the door and set up the coffee iv, willya?

(professional writer on a closed track. Do not try this with adult supervision)

Oh, and did I mention that Ms. Kornetsky has a new book out in two weeks?

Meanwhile, in feline TV news, there were four, count ’em four birds on the balcony this morning – three house finches, and a single unidentified hummingbird.

Castiel managed to not run headfirst into the glass door, this time.

CatofSize has given up on the entire household and retreated under the bed in disgust.

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