Don’t Read This Book (but you should. And you will)

I admit it, I am posting just so I can share the fabulousness that is this cover.

Don't Read This Book

…and hint at the fabulousness inside. Seriously. There isn’t much that could get me to say “sure, I’ll write an RPG tie-in story…” except this world. OMG this world, how could I NOT?  Also, check that ToC.  Just check it out.  Rockin’.

“Sometimes there wasn’t nobody in the Bazaar needed to escape, even for a bit, or the things they offered didn’t interest him none. Then he played for free, letting the notes screech and scamper like those newsboys on a tear, hot flash fading to slow cool, coaxing sounds he hadn’t known existed out of the battered metal, setting them free and returning for more.” — from “Don’t Toot Your Horn” by yrs trly

[and, damn it, I came up with characters that SHOULD be in this world, but didn’t fit into my story, and now I have no idea what to do with them so you MUST make this a bestseller so they will ask me to write another story. Seriously.]


As soon as it’s up for sale (a month or three) there will be links made available, I promise.  Oh yes.

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