In Case You Missed It…

Yesterday, Tor.Com did a reveal for the cover of SILVER ON THE ROAD.

But I know some of you tend not to click through on things. So here. Let me SHOVE THE AMAZING OH MY GOD SO BEAUTIFUL UNDER YOUR NOSE.


SILVER ON THE ROAD editorial revision - Laura Anne Gilman
This?  Is never the cover I would have asked for.  But it’s so incredibly perfect I can’t even tell you how perfect it is.  And Isobel didn’t get white-washed, or turned into some delicate flower!  (blessings on my editor, the art director, and Mr. Palencar)  She’s frumpy and grumpy and strong in the way all frontier women (no matter the frontier) have to be, and the bones of her face were perfect, even though I’d never described her to Mr. Palencar beside the fact that she’s of Spanish/Mexican descent. And for the first time ever – in over 20 book covers – I RECOGNIZED my character when she looked back at me.

*is a little weepy right now, don’t mind me*

Want to know more?  For that, you are going to have to click through….

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