My ConCarolinas Schedule!

My ConCarolinas starts off light on Friday, June 1…


Romance remains wildly popular as a genre, and it has a place in most other writing as well. But so many non-romance authors have a hard time writing romantic scenes that don’t leave the reader rolling her eyes. What can non-romance authors do to make their romantic scenes sing?



The West that Never Was  

‘Weird west’, the convergence of fantasy and frontier, is purely speculative. Let’s talk about the history and mythology that come together to create the west that never was.

and then things get a little intense on Saturday…


Writers work hard to get everything right in their stories, from how much an army eats to the rules of card games played in 1875. Do readers really care? Are we working harder than we have to? How far is too far when doing research?


The first semi-public reading from RED WATERS RISING!


What’s the difference between alternate history, secret history, and real-world fantasy? Our panel discusses the nuances of each, and the fun you can have playing with history.


Depression lies, but trust us – you’re not alone. Our panel of writing professionals talk about the problem of mental health issues in creative people, and ways to help each other understand it.


From Tolkien and Lewis to DeLint and Gaiman, every well-rounded fantasy world has its own mythology. Panelists will discuss how they created the mythologies of their own worlds, and which established fantasy mythologies inspired them.



There’s no way around it – sometimes a character has to die. Should you use poison, a blade, fire? What’s the surest method? How long will it take for him to die? Let’s talk about the nitty-gritty of killing off characters.
And then on Sunday I get to chill down with a stint in the Dealer’s Room, signing books and generally being Available to Chat….

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