My CONvergence 2018 Schedule

My very first time at CONvergence!  As the kids used to say, I am Excite!


Thursday, July 5

How to Say No to Your Editor

So you got a contract: congratulations! Now you need to defend your ideas against those without your vision. How do you do this and keep a positive relationship? Panelists: Madeleine Vasaly (mod), Lee Harris, Laura Anne Gilman, Kelly McCullough, Elizabeth Bear

Friday, July 6


Surviving as a Writer

It’s hard being a genre writer, especially after your first piece has been published or purchased. We’ll cover what you do next and how you can both function and have fun along your chosen career path. Panelists: Laura Anne Gilman (mod), Craig Smith, Adam Whitlatch, Melissa Olson, Wesley Chu

Saturday, July 7


Almost Our World

How do you build a fictional world inspired by our concerns for the real world we live in, be they environmental or political? Come learn from writers who will describe their process. Panelists: Tamora Pierce, Laura Anne Gilman (mod), Wesley Chu, Elizabeth Bear, Satish Jayaraj


Group Signing

What it says on the tin.  Bring your books, your ebook reader case, your t-shirt, your skin… within the bounds of public decency, I’ll sign ’em all!


Finish Your Book!

Many people have started a book but few ever get finished. What’s the secret? Published authors share their tips on getting words written, chapters finished, and books completed. A little tough love for authors stuck on page 57. Panelists: Lee Harris, Laura Anne Gilman, Wesley Chu, Elizabeth Bear, Naomi Kritzer (mod)

Sunday, July 8


Frontier Fiction

It’s not just “the weird west” out there. Discover what other frontiers can be sought out and explored through science fiction and fantasy. Panelists: Kathryn Sullivan, Patrick Tomlinson, Laura Anne Gilman (mod), Tyler Tork


Reading (from RED WATERS RISING, most likely.  Or something else…)

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