My Youthful Folly, a snippet and a tease…

Because why should Patrons have all the pain  fun?  Have a snippet-taste of My Youthful Folly, aka “the first fantasy novel LAG ever tried to write (emphasis on ‘tried’) back when she was a baby writer, complete with horrified snark by the much-older-now author.



That stopped Manden’s breath in his throat.  Ever since that day, seasons ago, when he had felt a god’s whisper in his ear and heard it echo in his voice, he had longed to hear it again, to be the first true Godsinger in three generations (was this ever set up/established?  oh hell, why NOT dump some significant worldbuilding and character motivation into the sixth chapter, woo hoo!) then reality slipped back in, and Manden shook his head more than a little regretfully.

“The Coven didn’t reject me  – I left them, and I think mostly everyone understood why (technically, he refused a summons, and he has no reason to think they understand at all…meh, details.) even if they didn’t agree.  And the gods wouldn’t talk to a Voice who broke the Law of Choice, even to stop the violence.”



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