Wrapping up October…

Where the hell did the month go?  And yet, here is is, the end of October, and so, tomorrow I am off to World Fantasy Conference, in San Diego.  I will miss the group signing tonight at Mysterious Galaxy, which makes me Very Sad, but it couldn’t be helped.  If you happen to be there, and want a copy of my books signed, I’m sure Mary Elizabeth and crew would be happy to get me to sign things over the weekend.  Mmmmjsutsaying.

As usual, the surest way to keep up with me when I’m on the road is via Twitter (@LAGilman).

Meanwhile, I’ve been trying to cram five days of work into three.  yeah, I know.  I said trying.  Focusing on wrapping up a freelance gig, and motoring along on the novels (aka “the mystery” and “the fantasy”).  The plan had been, the cafe desk was for writing, the new comfy sofa of doom was for reading.  Except now the cats are INDIGNANT if I sit at the desk (where there is no room for them) and only shut up if I sit on the sofa (where there is room for both of them to sprawl and be with me, but not have to deal with each other).

So I find myself writing far more on the Comfy Sofa.*

Does this mean I can write it off as an office expense?


And because the kittens gotta eat, a reminder that the entire Vineart War trilogy is now available, and the third PSI novel, Tricks of the Trade, is going to ht the shelves in two weeks – pre-order it now!

(No, really.  Pre-order it.  Bookstores are doing their “we’ll take one copy, maybe two” inventory thing again while they shove more non-book merch into the store, and you can’t be sure they’re going to have the books you want unless you ASK for them…)



*thankfully, comfy sofa of doom turns out to be very good for writing.  when it’s not better for napping.

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