November is WriYoAssOffMo

Home from World Fantasy, which was its usual chaotic, jumbled, energizing, exhausting self.  It – as usual – helped me refocus my mind, determine what was important, and what was Not.  it also reaffirmed that, for me, WFC = Commonwealth, as I seemed to once again spend much of my time with the Brits, Aussies, and Canadians.  Although this time, the Americans seemed to be doing more of the drinking…  *tsks sadly*


As to the topic header, and since some have asked: No, I will not be participating in NaNoWriMo.  I will, however, be settling in to do some serious wordcount damage on current WiPs.  Which means that the discipline is ON.  No excuses, no distractions, and only partial allowances for Life to interfere.  My best-beloveds have been so-informed.

This, of course, is just asking the Universe to screw with me.  Live dangerously, I say…

How about y’all?  Do you have Great Plans for November?  (writing or otherwise)

1 thought on “November is WriYoAssOffMo”

  1. Reading, Reading, Reading. And then Reviews Reviews Reviews. Mix in some other writing in there. I need to write more fiction, durn it.

    (Actually, right now reading about a slave named Jerzy…)

    Saving up for a new Camera after CameraFail.

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