Will Write 2 Feed Others – This thing I do, v. 2014

Moving and deadlines and Life have gotten a nasty delay in my plans, but yes, #Willwrite2feedothers is happening.

But what, some of you who weren’t around or paying attention last year, are asking, is #Willwrite2feedothers?

It’s this.

I’m careful about where I give my charity money. I do my research, I look at the percentage of money that actually goes to the work versus the administration (I’m looking at you, so-called cancer cure charities), and their overall actual impact.  And one of the charities I give to regularly is my local food bank. Because a full stomach makes everything else, no matter how hard, seems a little easier to manage. Especially for kids.  No kid should ever go to bed hungry.

This isn’t meant to be a guilt trip: you can’t coerce charity – well, you can, but guilt only goes so far.

A carrot, on the other hand…..

So here’s the deal. If I get at least 15 people to send in a screen shot* of a donation made to their local food bank/soup kitchen/whatever, of no less than $10 (or 10 of your local currency)** by 10 December, I will post an original short story to my site on 1 January 2015.  Yes, for everyone.

If we get 30 people or more…well, I’ll up the stakes in a yet-to-be-named way.***

Because Thanksgiving dinner tastes better when you know other people are sitting down to a meal, too.

*send the screenshot to lag@lauraannegilman.net

**last year, people asked if they could send donations in-goods rather than cash. I specify cash because most organizations can make money go further than we can, due to their connections. But yes, a screen shot of at least $10 worth of goods being donated will count.

***oh god, I want people to rise to the challenge but I also fear it….

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