State of the Meerkat: Preparing to Fly

Spent the weekend split between sorting and storing, and revising the novella. And poking my brain at the short story that due next month. Semi-productive, in small ways that don’t really have impressive-to-report markers.  :-(

But we’re at 9 donations confirmed, and 2 more promised for #willwrite2feedothers! Four more people stepping forward to do something kind, and you all get a new story! (19 more to get An Extra Bonus!) And yes, I’ve decided that hours-volunteered counts.  If you can document 1+ hour spent working for/with a food bank or other feed-in-need organization, that counts as your $10 donation.

And CatofSize fell ill – he is discovering a tendency to *ahem* become blocked. Much like old men everywhere, I’m told. So there was some unpleasant medical stuff for him, and some unpleasant financial stuff for me. *sighs* If anyone feels the impulse to buy some books of mine, either from Book View Cafe or elsewhere, my next month’s credit card bills will thank you (and remember, now’s the time to start buying for the holidays! Books make great gifts – and you don’t even have to wrap ebooks!)

I will say, tho, that I am left in awe at the trust and affection our animals place in us, that the pain-strike-flee brain is calmed by our presence…

In a sharing-and-caring mode, this weekend Chuck Wendig had a few words to say on the ugly side of self-awareness: “I am a racist and I am a sexist and probably some other ists, too.”  I’ll cop to having shit come out of my mouth, unexamined, that should rightfully earn me a side-eye, at the very least.  Being unthinkingly “-ist” doesn’t mean you’re a terrible person: it means you have to dig into WHY, and root out whatever took seed while you weren’t paying attention. Perfection’s impossible.  Mindfulness is the goal.

Meanwhile, Subtenant has moved self and stuff into the apartment, prior to the ‘official’ 1 December hand-off.  We – the two of us and the two cats – are getting along well, although there have been times when I’ve felt the intense need for SOLITUDE. Introvert, me? Yep. :-)

9 days until departure.

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