The Plan Commences (for the usual fee, plus expenses)

The Plan, as I’ve been calling it, has been several years in the making, and is comprised of several phases.

Phase 1: Move to the west coast.

Phase 2: Take over the wine industry.

Okay, so it’s wee baby steps to taking over the wine industry. But I’ve been offered a part-time job helping run the wine-tasting room for Market Vineyard, a boutique winery, in Woodinville (about 20 miles northeast of Seattle).  And I officially started on Friday.

Basically, I’m representing the winery to folk who come in for tastings, answering questions and pouring samples, and doing the odd bit of Tourism Aid (suggesting other wineries and restaurants, etc).  Since I really like the wines I’m pouring, and I’m learning the local wineries and restaurants myself, this is under the heading of “work I enjoy and enjoy learning more.”

No, I’m not giving up writing.  But the past few years I’ve been aware that I really missed being on the trade side of the wine industry as well as being a consumer.  And this way I get to bring people to wine (either as a new discovery or an old friend) in a much more convivial atmosphere than a wine store, and with fewer actual drunks than working in a bar.  :-)

And who knows, maybe another Lands Vin story will come out of it!

So if you happen to be in Woodinville, WA and don’t have other plans…stop by!

(Phase 3 still has a while before rollout)

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