The Vineart War Trilogy

Fourteen centuries ago, all power was held by the prince-mages, who alone could craft the spell-wines. But the people revolted against harsh rule, and were saved by a demigod called Sin-Washer, who broke the First Vine, shattering the hold of the prince-mages.

In 1378 ASW, princes still rule, but Vinearts now make spellwines, less powerful than in days of old. Jerzy, a young slave, has just begun his studies to become a Vineart when his master uncovers the first stirrings of a plot to finish the work Sin-Washer began, and shatter the remains of the Vine forever. Only his master believes the magnitude and danger of this plot. And only Jerzy has the ability to stop it, before there are no more Vinearts left at all.

But no war can be fought without cost….


[A] rewarding and rich experience of high fantasy. This trilogy is a keeper.
– JM Cornwell, Red Room reviews

  “[A] journey well worth the trip,” that “provides interesting surprises along the way.” – SF Scope

“If you like a traditionally inspired fantasy story minus faeries, elves, etc., but with an original, complex magic system; if you like a smart, well written story with depth and complexity, with characters who are both realistic and likable; if you appreciate detailed world building, then you will like this story. ” – Bea’s Book Nook

and, for those looking for more… the story of how Jerzy came to be a slave!

Dirt on Their Hands

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  • Laura Anne Gilman

      • The Vineart War Trilogy

        • Book 1:Flesh & Fire

          Book 1:Flesh & Fire

          The Vineart War, Book 1: Flesh and Fire
          FLESH AND FIRE was a Nebula nominee for Best Novel of 2009!
          FLESH AND FIRE on Library Journal’s “Best Books of 2009” list!
          A brief overview of THE VINEART WAR (Simon& Schuster.…more

        • Book 2:Weight of Stone

          Book 2:Weight of Stone

          Paperback edition 
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          An island nation has vanished. Men of honor and magic have died unnatural deaths.…more

        • Book 3: The Shattered Vine

          Book 3: The Shattered Vine

          T wo thousand years ago, a demigod split the world between Vinearts and men of power, setting his heirs, the Washers, to guard the balance. But even gods fail, and now the Lands Vin are wracked by rumor, revolt, and inexplicable violence.…more