The light at the end of the tunnel is a chain-smoking dragon.

After much hair-pulling and coffee-drinking, Book 2 of The Devil’s West and I seem to be writing the same story again, just in time to bring things to a close….

almost there

Seriously, this would be SO much easier if the lizard brain would talk to the mammal brain during the FIRST pass of the draft, not the THIRD. But nooooooo, the damned lizard has to go and leave all these juicy bits, and force the mammal brain to slowly figure out how they all tie together, and what the characters are supposed to do with them.


And I’m pretty sure a fourth pass is going to be needed before I’m satisfied enough to let m’editor see it, so he can tell me what is needed in the fifth pass….

“Writing’s easy,” they said.  “You can just whammy out a story every month, two books  a year,” they said.  “Easy money,” they said!

Where’s the damned money and my cosplaying fandom, is what I want to know.

(or, failing that, whisky and a wedge of pont l’eveque.)


((cosplayers for the Devil’s West would be so awesome, I don’t even know how to say it.  Except it would be so awesome and if anyone ever does I DEMAND pics.  Um, please?))

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