Status report: busy, not-melting

Today – and the next few days – will be given over to the page proofs for SILVER ON THE ROAD.
As seen via a series of tweets:

I can’t be the only writer who, when faced w/ page proofs, finds it uncomfortable/difficult to read even a beloved book One More Time? Y/N?

2nd-guessing foreign language usages in this book, now. Trusting my native advisors, and accepting responsibility for all errors.

How many pages of page proofs can the author proof if an author must proof page proofs? (300 pages to go…)

oh, @MetMarket, telling me you have dark chocolate-covered graham crackers and then only having milk chocolate is just CRUEL #sadtrombone

I’m missing every typo in his book, aren’t I? Must trust proofreader…. (never trust the proofreader).

No sunset photos tonight, and probably none for a while – they’re subtly beautiful in shades of pale blues and pinks, but the awareness that the beauty is caused by the smoke drifting down from the BC wildfires makes me less eager to capture them.

Meanwhile, after a week of unreasonable heat, the wind off the balcony is refreshingly cold and smells of ocean and ozone. If I could sleep with the door open, I would (alas, the cats cannot be trusted with overnight, even with the gate up).

And that’s all I got.  How YOU doin?

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