State of the Meerkat: Alive, mostly, kinda

One short story has been handed in, awaiting editor’s response, one short story under sail – or would be, if there was any wind – and one novel due in 15 days and we’re going to make it, one way or another, by dog. And a client manuscript on the desk, and another one on deck.

Busy days.

Meanwhile, it is unseasonably, unregionally HOT in Seattle, and it being Seattle, my apartment building doesn’t have A/C. What I do have is a fan and a balcony that picks up an ocean breeze, so we’re cranky but surviving. Even if I did have to ice the cats on Saturday.

(relatedly, anyone want a nice, spinnable pile of carded cat hair?)

And this week being a holiday one, I also have three shifts at the Tasting Room. There is uncertainty if it will be busy, as people seek to escape the heat, or if it will be dead, as people refuse to go out into the heat. Busy is to be preferred, for many reasons, but quiet would equal more time to work on deadline-driven projects…



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