It’s not even a rant, it’s exasperation from the grown-up seats.

I wasn’t going to wade into the current WFC bruhaha (as opposed to past WFC bruhahas), because honestly this will probably continue until those who venerate Lovecraft et al over all other influences are dead, or at least out of the active field.

But look: if your idea of a celebration of world fantasy relies heavily on an old, long-dead, relevant-only-to-some-readers white male American literary figure, you’re wrong. Not because you’re racist or sexist, but because you’re stuck in the 1970’s. There has been fifty+ years of evolution in the world of fantasy the field that you’re willfully blind to/ignored – more than an entire generation of readers and writers.

But hey, that in itself is not a terrible thing – everyone has their interests and if you don’t want to pay attention to current trends and/or events, that’s a personal choice. Just like many folk don’t really care about writers who were working before 1980. But then recuse yourself from doing the programming for an event that is supposed to acknowledge ALL of the field: past, present and future. It’s not that difficult: don’t take on a volunteer job you know you’re not qualified for or interested in.

But if you do, then getting pissy and throwing comments about “social justice warriors” (like that’s something offensive) and the passive-aggressive version of “the lurkers support me in email” when many of your peers speak out against those choices? Just makes you look and sound like a badly-socialized five year old.

Nobody was impressed.

2 thoughts on “It’s not even a rant, it’s exasperation from the grown-up seats.”

  1. Desire'e L Tiapula

    Aloha, I would like to thank you for your wonderful trilogy of the Vineart War.
    I have all three books and just finished book 3 of the series. I loved every page and will re-read this series again and again. Have you thought about doing a 4th. book to this series? I personally hope you will. I would really love to see this happen. To see Jerzy prosper further in this book.
    The last page makes you wonder what happened next. I will say that I will look to your other book for more stories like this BUT as far as I’m concerned, this trilogy was just super super great. I can honestly say I’am so happy to have these 3 books and pray maybe book 4 will be on the way.
    Mahalo, Thank you, Thank you again. Ms.Gilman, you are an awesome author.

    Sincerely Grateful
    Desire’e L. Tiapula
    Always a faithful reader.

  2. Awww, thank you! There has been a prequel of sorts (the novella “From Whence You Came”), but I’m not sure I will ever return to that world. Then again, “not sure” simply means “the right story hasn’t shown up yet….”

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