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There’s still about $250 to go before midnight tonight, to get the kickstarter for WORK OF HUNTERS / AN INTERRUPTED CRY to 75% (and get me to dye my hair purple). Another $2,400 in the next two weeks for us to reach 100% and get these novellas rolling.

$10 for two novellas. But if you kick in more, there are other tasty treats, including a new Cosa Nostradamus short story, t-shirts, the chance to dedicate the novella to someone (limited offering), and “blooper reel” outtakes! Oh, and cookies, for a certain few of you!

And since we caught the first blooper on page last night, I’m going to give you a taste of that….

There are a whole bunch of difference silences – awkward, embarrassed, comfortable, pregnant. But there’s nothing quite like the silence of a woman in a fury.


“No. Don’t.”

Ellen’s normally what you’d call laid back. Quiet. All right, a mouse. I’d been doing my best to break her out of her shell, but this wasn’t quite what I’d been intending.

“It’s not as bad it sounds.” It was worse, actually, but I was still trying to shelter her from that fact. More fool me.

“You seriously-“ and to my shock she started to giggle.


“I’m sorry, I just…” She sat her ass down on the desk and kept giggling, her eyes starting to water. “Your face, oh god you didn’t make that face in rehearsal and…”

I tried to fix my face, but whatever I was doing just seemed to make it worse.

“No, just… give me a minute.”

Time! C’mon, guys….

“I want it on record that I wasn’t the one who blew the scene this time.”
“Your face blew it.”
“My face is perfectly fine.”
“You looked like you swallowed a guppie!”


“She started it!”

Everyone take ten, then we’ll pick up again at the revelation. Ellen…?

“Yeah, yeah, I’m good, I just need a minute. Or three.”

Boss sounded tired. If we didn’t get this scene right, she was going to shake up the plot, kill some more people. Fuck this. Maybe there were some Danish left on the craft table…

it kinda got worse from there, so I told everyone to go to bed and we’d pick up again in the morning when I was less punchy…

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