Saddle Up, Saddle Up!

I’ve returned to the WiP and can confirm that if it does not love me just yet (after the month hiatus) it is still very fond of me and is willing work work together to make things right again.

Me? I still adore it. Even when it makes me crazy.


In other writing news, it’s unlikely that we’re going to see purple in my hair any time soon – it’s Thursday, and we’re only at 66% funded for the Kickstarter for WORK OF HUNTERS and AN INTERRUPTED CRY (we need to hit 75% by..okay, let’s say midnight Friday night). Still about $600 away…)

So I guess this is where I should remind people here that the chance to have one of the novellas dedicated to you (or the person of your choice) is still available as a bonus level! As is the chance to have yourself (or the person of your choice) written into an original Cosa Nostradamus short story! (if you know a fan of the world, can you imagine a more unique gift? And if you pledge now, you’ll be able to tell them it’s coming as your Valentines’ Day gift!

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