Publishers Weekly on SILVER ON THE ROAD….


Gilman (the Vineart War trilogy) takes readers on a scenic tour of a very weird Wild West in this delightful start to the Devil’s West series. In an early 19th-century America where superstition, magic, and unusual beings flourish, a man considered to be the devil has claimed a vast region west of the Mississippi that’s known simply as the Territory. When saloon girl Isobel turns 16, she volunteers to work for the devil and is appointed as his Left Hand, an agent to help keep the Territory under control. Under the guidance of her new mentor, the enigmatic Gabriel, Isobel sets out to learn the ways of the road and discover what her role truly entails. A rash of supernatural events terrorizing the Territory forces Isobel and Gabriel to team with unlikely allies in hopes of preventing further tragedy. Gilman skillfully plays with western folklore and history, infusing them with ambiguity and subtle strangeness to deliver a memorable adventure out on the untamed frontier. Refreshingly, her vision of the American West includes respectful portrayals of Native Americans. Isobel’s coming-of-age story is very accessible to teens, and there’s plenty for adventure-minded adults to enjoy as well. Agent: Barry Goldblatt, Barry Goldblatt Literary Agency. (Oct.)

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So yeah, they kinda sorta liked SILVER ON THE ROAD a little bit…  And the placement of the review did not suck, either…



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