At Norwescon

Last night’s reading, despite being at the awkward hour of dinner-o-clock on the first day of the convention, was reasonably well-attended, and by some people I didn’t know from Joe! That’s always nice. Then there was the panel on the use of the hard-boiled mystery element in urban fantasy, which…well, I suspect our moderator wanted it to be a different panel, but I think we got some good discussion in on mystery elements, the shared pup origins, and whatnot. And good audience participation.

I called it an early night – having spent all that morning squiring a friend around town so she could get her bearings, and then doing two panels, I was feeling slightly faded-out around the edges. The plan is to keep my sleep patterns (and my eating patterns) as healthy as possible, so I don’t lose a day to recovery, after.

Today, lunch plans, then three panels.  And possibly some bar time.  You’re all shocked, I know.

Meanwhile, am still writing. Because Deadlines.

“He’d reached the point of presuming that what she felt she needed to do, she would find a way to make done.

That presumption might well get him killed, but it wasn’t as though he couldn’t die any number of ways otherwise. All flesh failed, and every story he’d ever been told of those who wished otherwise, ended badly.”

My hero has read the Hero’s Guide to Reality. I <3 him a great deal.

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