Looking Back, Looking Forward, weekend edition.

Saturday, I hauled myself out of town to take a meeting.  If anything comes of that meeting, y’all will be the third to know.  Then I came home and was a slug on the sofa.  Sunday’s been Writers’ Cafe and more work on the cracktastic project, and now all the words I didn’t get written on Saturday. Plus cleaning.

Oh, and my interview for Qwillery, supporting Genius Loci, went live!
(and Genius Loci is $160 from their next stretch goal, with 3 days to go!)

Next three days: write all the words, do all the things. My friend Christine arrives from NYC Wednesday night for a long weekend vacay, Thursday afternoon I abandon her to the cats and apartment and head off for Norwescon, come back on Sunday, spend some more time touristing with Christine before she leaves, then do a presentation for the Seattle Free Lances Tuesday night.

Wednesday morning: I whimper a lot about being totally burnt out.

Sounds like a plan.

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