Stories for Cheap! (an entire storybundle of ’em!)

Oh hey there!  Looking for something new to read?  Looking for a lot of something new to read?  For not much money?

Looking for something new to read, for not much money, that directly supports the writers, and a good cause, too? The Neo-Noir Storybundle may be right for you!  

Cross boundaries and defy expectations while exploring the noir tenets. Unreliable narrator? Check. Cynical, world-weary protagonist who’s as quick with wit as a weapon? Check. Complex plots rife with reversals and betrayals? Check, check, and check. Add a dash of snark, a jigger of suspense, and garnish with a twist of epic proportions for a neo-noir cocktail that’ll leave you reeling…and thirsty for more. 

From space opera to swords and sorcery, horror to urban fantasy, corrupt elves, werewolf cops, ghostly soul-whisperers, and Twitter-obsessed superheroes - including the first PSI/Pietr Cholis novella by yours truly, “Trouble in Double” –  it’s all here!

(but it’s only here for another 22 days!)

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