My Anachrocon Schedule

Later this month I will be wending my way to Atlanta for AnachroCon, which I am seriously jazzed about.  Looking over my schedule, you’ll probably be able to guess why.  :-)

If you’re attending, or just hanging around town wondering what to do that weekend, I’d love to see you guys!

(and, as promised (threatened?) on Twitter, if I see anyone cosplaying Isobel or Gabriel, I will probably burst out in tears and/or add you to the acknowledgements of the new book.  If anyone’s cosplaying Flatfoot, I will adore you forever.)


Friday February 26th

2pm-3pm:  Beginnings and Beyond: Horror Origins of the Weird Western

4pm-5pm:  The Monsters of Horror

5pm-6-pm: Horror Television: Penny Dreadful, Sleepy Hollow, and Supernatural

7pm-8pm:  Ghost Stories: Literary and Real Life

(at 8:01pm I collapse into the comfiest chair in the bar)


Saturday February 27th

12pm-1pm: The Weird in the West: Contemporary Treatments

1pm-2pm: Once Upon a Time in the Weird West: Myths, Legends, and Fairy Tales Reimagined

4pm-5pm:  Diversity in the Weird West

7pm-8pm:  Beyond Schoolmarms and Saloon Girls: Women of Steampunk and the Weird West

8pm:  The AnachroCon Salon: In Which Many of Our Author Guests Will Be Reading From, Selling, and Signing Their Works


Sunday February 28th

11am-12pm: Fantasy as Alternate History



(all schedules subject to last minute changes and alterations as the concom and Fate see fit)

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