Into the Wild, er, Weekend….

I may have the Plague. Or, possibly not – it seems milder than the plague symptoms I’m hearing, so this may just be a 24 hour misery. If so, I am going to give credit to my getting my fly shot a few weeks ago, and be quietly thankful. I am Too Busy to be sick, damn it.

First up: I’m working on the next segment of “The Adventures of Duchess, PI,” plus prepping the affiliated video for my Patreon patrons (although not until the phlegm dies down).  Sign up now or get totally left behind!

Then, I’ve got the new story collection to beat into shape for Book View Cafe.

And, of yeah, getting the office set up to begin The Devil’s West #3, while doing the final edits on #2 (THE COLD EYE).

Oh, and the Storybundle I’m in is still going strong – ten fantasy ebooks for $15, no DRM (so you can read them anywhere), plus you support an awsome charity fund!

Meanwhile, file under “I like waking up to links like this,” another blogger has discovered SILVER ON THE ROAD!

A Bookish Type says:

“Even if the setting weren’t absolutely glorious I would still recommend Silver on the Road to readers, especially young female readers. This book is not just a physical journey for our protagonist, it’s also a journey towards adulthood. Gilman has a deft touch in this. She could have hit her readers over the head with speeches or posturing by her characters. There’s none of that. Instead, we have a somewhat timid girl use her natural pragmatism to stand up and right some wrongs. I could have watched Izzy become a power in her own right for another couple hundred pages. Alas, I will have to wait for the sequels.”

So..yeah, I should get that sequel back to my editor so he can put it into production, right?

*disappears into the ink*

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