to quote Catie, “well that’s a bit of all right, then.”

Okay, so BookwormBlues’ “Epic Best Books of 2015” is an awesome selection, and I’m honored to be on it. And you should probably check out every single one of them on the list, if you haven’t already.

But I’m just gonna cut and paste one section, ’cause this is my blog and my happy glow, ‘k?

(of SILVER ON THE ROAD): This is another book that, like the one before it, would absolutely be ranked somewhere in my top five read this year. Amazing in every sense. I’m a sucker for the weird west books, probably because I live out here in the weird west, but Gilman did everything right in this book. I couldn’t get enough of it. Everything about this book is polished to a bright shine. The world is fabulous, the magic is unique and deep, the characters are just as shiny and unique as the book itself and the plot is absolutely relentless. Mixed into this is mythology and lore, and a feel that Gilman really is only scratching the surface of something incredible. I liked it so much I started re-reading it two days ago. Crazy, right? Sometimes a girl just needs something incredible in her life.

*glows indecently for so early on a Monday morning*

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