Kickstarter update: Work Of Hunters, and how it begins…

Last night, after officially closing up shop for the day, I opened a new file and started writing. I probably shouldn’t have – halfway funded is not the same thing as fully-funded, and I have a LOT on my desk already – but that’s the thing with the Sylvan Investigation stories… Danny’s an insistent little bastard, and Ellen…well, this story’s Ellen’s chance to shine.  Although I’m not sure she’s going to enjoy it, all that much.

Because Ellen’s background has been one of shut-up-sit-down.  She’s a Talent born into a family of Nulls, seeing things nobody else saw, and not knowing why.  She was in her twenties before someone realized what she was, what she could do, and explained it to her.

Being female, black, and having everyone think you’re nuts isn’t easy – her childhood taught her to stay low, not stand out, not make herself a target. Ellen’s been making up for lost time since then.

Because Ellen is a Storm Seer.  She can see more in magic than most…. and most of what she sees are the dead in need.

It was night, but the scene was lit like daylight, the neon flickering against the walls and bringing up bluish highlights on the corpse. Overhead, current simmered the way it always did now, impatient, shoving at her skin, sparking in her veins.  She waited for the corpse to open its eyes.  But it lay on its side, one arm stretched over its head on the cold pavement, and did not move.

Well. That was different.

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The investigation: a two-decade-old missing person’s case that was hushed up because the missing person was Scum. Nobody’s particularly interested in opening it now, either: Danny has no regrets about turning the other way, only Ellen’s Seen the dump site, and there’s another body in it. Recent. Same M.O.

The only problem is, Danny knows for a fact that the killer is dead.

Everyone who knew about it, is dead. Except him.

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