Hi! Didja miss me?

I’m home from DragonCon.

It was a blast, even though I didn’t get to indulge my fannish side as much as I’d have liked (too damn busy!). Great panels, enthusiastic audiences, Jess brought me brownies (they were GOOD), people liked my reading, I got to see fellow writers I don’t get to see often, had some excellent meals, talked some business, and my flights on either end were smooth (air) sailing.

And I even got to the gym three days out of four.

And then I came home to two of the NEEDIEST cats ever, a pile of work that needs to be done as of yesterday, and weather that didn’t get the “summer is over” memo.

My goals for September:

1. Do All The (work) Things.
2. Sleep All The Sleeps.

Yes, I do see the inherent dilemma there. We’re working on it.

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