Off to DragonCon…

But first, I am dropping CatofSize off at the vet’s, for boarding, because nobody was able to give him his 2x/day insulin shots was I was gone. I feel like the Worst CatMommy Ever.

(he’s not spent a night not-at-home since we moved in together).

The Kitten, not needing 2x/daily care, will be staying home with varied caretakers. Hopefully his social nature will survive not having his big brother around 24/7.

(yeah, Worst CatMommy Ever).

But despite all that, I will ATTEMPT to have fun at DragonCon. Panels! Drinking with fellow writers! Readings! Meeting New Peoples! Signings! Trying not to die in the Atlanta heat! (ugh).

I’ve also send down a box of backlist books, including a number of Anna Leonard paranormal romance titles. If you’re going to be at D*C, take advantage of my cleaning-out-the-closets sale! ;-)


As always during conventions, look for me on Twitter…

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