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The beginning of the end…and beginning again?

And lo, DRAGON JUSTICE (PSI#4) has gone off to Madame Editrix, and from there into the clutches of the copyeditor, and from there… What began in 2004 with STAYING DEAD has come to a close.  Ten books later, the last Cosa Nostradamus novel for Luna has gone into production. There is rare steak and red …

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Book ReBirthday!

WEIGHT OF STONE (Book 2 of The Vineart War) is out today in paperback!  Happy re-birthday, book!   How am I celebrating?  By getting books in the mail, things into storage, and many words on the page. And maybe cookies.  :-)

New Story!

My short story “Crossroads” is live (and free!) at Fantasy Magazine! (plus, a short Q&A)   You’d think, by now, I’d be blase about new stories hitting readers.  But no…still neurotic, waiting to see if there’s response, and what form it takes…..

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