The beginning of the end…and beginning again?

And lo, DRAGON JUSTICE (PSI#4) has gone off to Madame Editrix, and from there into the clutches of the copyeditor, and from there…

What began in 2004 with STAYING DEAD has come to a close.  Ten books later, the last Cosa Nostradamus novel for Luna has gone into production.

There is rare steak and red wine tonight, to toast its journey.  *raises glass*

You will have it in your hot little hands (or e-readers) in August.  I hope you enjoy it.  Actually, I hope you love it, devour it, howl at me, and demand that this Not. Be. The. End.


Because, although I will be writing something else for Luna (more on that in another post), I’m not sure I’m ready to say goodbye to the Cosa yet, myself.  I had, after all, promised to tell Danny’s story.  So I’m looking at Kickstarter, and thinking “hrmmmmmmm….”


*insert evil laugh here*




6 thoughts on “The beginning of the end…and beginning again?”

  1. We had discussed more books, but Luna asked me to move in a different direction with the Portals duology, which I’m also really excited about.

    The advantage with going through Kickstarter is that I can give Danny full time on the stage, which might not have been possible within Luna’s guidelines. So – win/win?

  2. What if I start wailing about “the end” now? I LOVE the Cosa books!!!!!!! OTOH I’d certainly fund more Cosa stories via Kickstarter, but I MUCH prefer print editions over e-book editions! (Have no e-reader, no desire to get an e-reader, & e-versions drive me batty when there’s no print option).

  3. Danielle – I love ’em too, but there comes a time when the publisher says “ok, numbers aren’t growing, let’s try something else.” And they’re quite right to do so, by a business standard.

    But for myself, and for readers, I’m thrilled to have another option. And, if we hit a point where it’s possible, there WILL be print editions…

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