Five Things Make a Flyby Post…

I know, I know, I am full of Book News and then I disappear…  it’s not because I don’t love you, but rather because I’ve been goofing off (read: not working 10 hour days) and now I’m paying for it.  All to bring you MORE stuff to read, so you can’t be too mad, right?  *hopes*


1.  There is – a day late but no less useful – a new Practical Meerkat up, explaining why you really shouldn’t listen to me….

2. The setting for the new “Gen & Tonic” mystery has been confirmed.  It took me a week of research, and a lot of deep thinking and forward plotting, but I finally decided on Seattle.  Portland, you’re lovely and weird and have some kickass restaurants, but I just didn’t find the neighborhood I needed.  But now I know how easy it will be to get Gen and Tony on a train, expect Portland to show up at some point…

3.  The marketing folk at Luna rejected my idea for a title for PSI #4, for arcane marketing reasons.  The Discussion Continues.  As soon as I have something, y’all will know…  [meanwhile, you can pre-order November’s TRICKS OF THE TRADE from BN / Amazon / Powells / Mysterious Galaxy /BooksAMillion]

4. The next book for Luna, which will be something… slightly different *insert gleefully evil cackle here* is well underway.  I am having far too much fun with this one; that can’t be legal.

5.  There will be a launch party for THE SHATTERED VINE this month in NYC, wherein we will also be celebrating the entire trilogy.  If you’re in the area and want to stop by, send me an email at lag(@)lauraannegilman(dot)net and we’ll get you on the list.

5a.  We will also have a bookseller at the launch – if you’re interested in getting a signed copy, drop me a line and we’ll see if we can arrange something….!


and now I must flit back to the Desk of Writing…

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