Various and Sundry has to unpack the cat

Writerly Stuff:

Revisions on many things continue.   I am very boring on social media during revisions, unless you’re privy to the maniacal cackling and frustrated sobbing….

For those of you following the progress of SILVER ON THE ROAD, I just sent the following character references off to our art director:



I have no idea what the cover will look like, but they will know what our main characters look like, at least, and no excuses.  :-)

Random Feel-Good Link:

Defining a mensch (the woman who posted the ad, not the people she was addressing, for clarity)

Kickstarter reminders:

We still have a week left in the (now fully funded but pulling for awesome stretch goals) TEMPORALLY OUT OF ORDER anthology

Word-warroom-mate Chrysoula Tzavelas’s WOLF INTERVAL kickstarter has also fully funded, with a little under two weeks to go and some nifty bonus offerings, so you should totally be checking this one out, too.  

In other news, I am off to Seattle in a few hours, for five days of Chaos, Plotting and Inevitable Hjinks.  I should go pack, or something, right?

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