Putting my money where my plate is.

I have a firm conviction that if you give someone a warm meal and a hot shower, they can do nearly anything they set their minds to that day.  Which is why my first and preferred charities have always been food banks.

For several years, I ran #WillWriteToFeedOthers, wherein I wrote a story in November, and if you donated $5 or more (or equal goods) to a food bank, you got to read it.  And that was fun, and we raised a lot of money for food banks across the US, Canada, and even in the UK.  But then my life got (more) complicated, my dance card got over-scribbled, and I just didn’t have the time or energy to write another story at the end of the year.  :-(

But I wanted to keep my commitment to those warm meals.  So I decided that my 3rd quarter royalty check from Book View Cafe would go directly to that.  It’s not a huge sum, but via Northwest Harvest, it will provide over 300 meals for people who would otherwise have gone hungry.

So thank you, everyone who bought books from me via Book View Cafe. Feeding your reading habit fed someone else’s body, too. 


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